The Five-Paragraph Essay

a vintage format for compositions may be the essay that is five-paragraph. It isn’t the sole structure for composing an essay, needless to say, however it is a good model for you yourself to bear in mind, especially while you commence to develop your structure abilities. The material that is following adapted from a handout served by Harry Livermore for his twelfth grade English essay help writing classes at Cook senior high school in Adel, Georgia. Its utilized right here along with his permission.


Introductory Paragraph

See, first, Writing Introductory Paragraphs for various ways to getting your audience associated with your essay. The paragraph that is introductory have the thesis declaration, a type of mini-outline for the paper: it tells your reader just exactly what the essay is all about. The final phrase of the paragraph should also contain a transitional “hook” which moves your reader towards the very first paragraph associated with human anatomy of this paper.

Body First paragraph:

The initial paragraph associated with the human body should retain the argument that is strongest, most crucial example, cleverest example, or a clear beginning point. The very first phrase with this paragraph ought to include the “reverse hook” which gels using the transitional hook at the conclusion associated with the basic paragraph. The subject with this paragraph ought to be in the 1st or second phrase. This subject should connect with the thesis statement within the paragraph that is introductory. The final phrase in this paragraph will include a transitional hook to tie in to the second paragraph for the human body.

Body paragraph that is second

The 2nd paragraph regarding the human anatomy should retain the 2nd argument that is strongest, second most critical instance, 2nd cleverest example, or a clear follow through the initial paragraph within the body. The very first phrase of the paragraph will include the opposite hook which fits in utilizing the transitional hook at the finish for the initial paragraph associated with the human body. Continuar leyendo “”